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The Business Case for EVPs

Corporate community involvement adds value to the firm.

Making the Business Case  - The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College
In recent years, globalization, consolidation and expanding corporate influence have led to increasing calls for corporate social responsibility. Along with those calls have come claims that corporate community involvement (CCI) is “good business” in that it supports and improves core business functions. This report reviews recent research on the business benefits of CCI.

Walker Loyalty Report
Representing all U.S. (lower 48 states) workers from business, nonprofit, and government organizations. The questions about volunteerism and philanthropy --corporate and employee levels of involvement in volunteerism and civic engagement--constituted a section of a larger survey about employee attitudes and loyalty in the workplace. Participants screened were working full-time or part-time, at least 18 years old, and from organizations of at least 50 employees.

Employee Retention - Council on Foundations
This study validates that employees with favorable impressions of their company’s giving programs, (i.e., High Corporate Philanthropy Index (CPI)) intend to behave in ways that benefit the business success of the corporation. Corporate Philanthropy is part of what drives employees’ attitudes and intentions towards their employers. Because of the impact that employees have on the corporation’s success,employers should manage perceptions in this area just as they do in the customer service category.

Community Service Awards
A listing of Corporate Community Involvement Award Programs from BACVC.

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