what people are saying. It was a great pleasure to talk with you over the phone. You have been kind and informative about how to approach matching the best opportunities for students from South Korea.
- Priscilla Choi
The Bay Area Volunteer Leaders Forum

Laughter, honest conversations and new understandings were the highlights of theBay Area Volunteer Leaders Forum last week. The Volunteer Centerbrought together nonprofit volunteer professionals with businessvolunteer managers for a day of learning and cross sector dialogueabout the reality of partnering and working together.

Karen Baker, Secretary of Service and Volunteering for the State of California kicked off the day with an overview of Reimagining Service. Gail Gershon of Gap Inc. and Peter York of the TCC Group rounded outthe session on Service Enterprise Organizations. The big take-away?Nonprofits who engage and manage volunteers well are more effective andefficient – only needing to raise sixty cents on the dollar as organizations of the exact same staff size!

The Forum SteeringCommittee then presented its tongue-in-cheek animatedvideo, which pokesfun at all of us working across sectors in volunteerism. There was a lotof laughter and maybe just a bit ofcringing because of how true thescenario was.

Reality Bites

The video broke the ice and laid the groundwork for a rich and honest dialogueabout what gets in the way of the ultimate collaborative cross sectorpartnership. The group tackled tough topics like the power imbalancebetween funders and grantees and the notion that “volunteers aren’t free!”

Progress was definitely made! Among the comments heard at the Forum were:

“From now on, I’m going to consider very carefully the power that comes withbeing a funder before I call a nonprofit partner to ask for a favor,” a business employee volunteer program manager.

“I have a lot more respect for corporations and what volunteer managers gothrough on their side of things now,” a nonprofit volunteer manager.

We hope everyone will continue the dialogue in the comments section of the video on TVC’s YouTube channel.

By all accounts, the Bay Area Volunteer Leaders Forum was a productive daythat has laid the groundwork for stronger and better partnerships. TheVolunteer Center looks forward to partnering with the Nonprofit Volunteer Leaders Council and the Bay Area Corporate Volunteer Council on next steps.

Bay Area Volunteer Leaders Forum

Bay Area Volunteer Leaders Forum Steering Committee:

Joel Bashevkin- Taproot Foundation

Claire Blaney – Girls on the Run

Marianne Campbell – Gap, Inc. and Gap Foundation

Juliana Deans – The Volunteer Center

Tessa Hedstrom – HandsOn Bay Area

Rita Holiday – Intel

Artrese Morrison – Project Open Hand

Nancy Olson – CaliforniaVolunteers

Kaushik Roy – Shanti Project

Kristin Sulpizio – Second Harvest Food Bank

Kellie Vitaich – Wells Fargo

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