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The Business Case for Volunteer Programs

Volunteer programs not only support nonprofits with labor, but also impact nonprofits' bottom line. The research below will help you find out the facts about the financial value of volunteer time, the correlations between volunteers and giving, the relationship between strong volunteer programs and nonprofit effectiveness, and the methods of accessing volunteers' financial and community resources.

Dollar Value of a Volunteer

We know that volunteers aren't just free labor, but correspond to a cash value. Measure the financial impact of volunteer hours on your organization by using the Independent Sector's estimated dollar value of volunteer time.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Volunteerism and Charitable Giving in 2009
Americans who volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations donate an average of 10 times more money to charity than people who don't volunteer, according to this study from Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and VolunteerMatch.

The Correlation between Time Donors and Money Donors
In this article, Susan J. Ellis makes the case that as leaders of volunteers, we need to make sure our organizations see that money donors and time donors are closely intertwined. Ellis explains how nonprofits should cultivate all supporters of their organizations because they all have the potential to contribute or connect nonprofits to money, time, expertise, and community contacts.

“Positive Deviants” in Volunteerism and Service

This research summary shows the correlation between strong volunteer management practices and overall organizational effectiveness. Published by TCC Group and Reimagining Service, this summary and similar resources can be found at www.ReimaginingService.org.

For other resources, please email Jill Blackburn.

COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunties
There are limited opportunities to volunteer during this national emergency. However, HandsOn Bay Area has a few ways to get involved now.
+ Volunteer During the Coronavirus Emergency
Help needed to support Seniors through San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services
DAS and their community partners collaborate to help older adults and adults with disabilities have access to food and services. They are looking for volunteers to help people with daily tasks so they can remain safely at home.
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