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Resourcing and Assessing your Volunteer Program
We know that volunteers don't come for free, so how do you assess the cost benefits and resourcing of your volunteer program? Here you will find information about the benefits, costs, and resourcing of volunteer programs.

Resource Center from Reimagining Service
The Reimagining Service Funding Action Team created this guide for two purposes: to help nonprofits make the case for funding to support volunteer management; and to share information with funders on the value and need for providing this type of financial support to nonprofits. After reading the purpose for the report, you can review the Reimagining Service Funding Action Team's Resource Guide on Volunteer Management Funding for further direction.
Challenges and Benefits of Volunteers
“Net benefits” is a summary statistic that weighs the benefits of volunteer involvement against the problems that volunteer administrators encounter in recruitment and management. Net benefits is easy to calculate. As an evaluation tool, it lends itself to comparison and benchmarking across a variety of volunteer programs and sponsoring nonprofit organizations.

The Cost of a Volunteer
While volunteers may not be compensated, supporting and resourcing volunteer programs is not cost free. Clearly it takes some amount of financial capacity for a nonprofit organization to turn even the most eager citizens into valued volunteers. Recognizing that “Volunteers aren’t free,” the Grantmaker Forum on Community & National Service decided to explore the question: What does it cost to mount an effective and high quality volunteer program?

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